Post Partum Preclampsia and my post partum health

My journey with post partum preeclampsia was a doozy. I had a long and difficult pregnancy with chronic morning sickness, gestational diabetes and SPD pain but managed to have a relatively calm and easy elective caesarean birth... Fast forward to ten days post partum and I was extremely sick with mastitis, admitted to hospital where My symptoms were all over the shop. I had huge masses of infection in both breasts and high blood pressure, protein in my urine and the worst headaches imaginable, swelling in my fingers (that stillhasn’t subsided). Twice they called the medical emergency team to help me stabilise. 

I was in hospital for nearly two months all up on IV antibiotics, delivered through a PICC line as my veins kept collapsing with the cannulas. I gave up breast feeding as the milk was feeding the infection in my breasts and my body was struggling to fight it. My blood pressure was dangerously high even on medication and was difficult to stabilise and I was completely worn out. 

Once the infection was under control my blood pressure although still high seemed to stay stable on the medication and I was able to go home.

This year has seen me diagnosed with chronic fatigue brought on post infection and a suppressed immune system. I’ve been taking each day as it comes and trying to enjoy our life as a family of five. I won’t be taking my health for granted again 🙈

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