Group Together and get gift giving

When you become a parent you jump onto the never ending gift giving merry-go-round of baby showers, kids birthdays, sporting coaches, teachers it never ends, and while I love giving gifts I also love to give gifts that are awesome and well received. Having a group of friends put in for a gift is a wonderful way to pool together finances and arrange a something special and meaningful and now there is a totally awesome way to group together your money with total ease. 

That's where GroupTogether comes into bat and scores a huge home run. It is a super easy to use and practical way to have a group of people put money towards a gift and all you need is a few details to get started arranging a kick ass gift for that special occasion. Create an account with your email address or link to Facebook and your good to go, send out a snazzy invitation, add friends emails or use a link and watch the monies come in for the gift. There is even an option to create a card from all those that contributed. 

Now come on Mummies, if that isn't the easiest way to organise a group gift, then I don't know what is. If my super sleep deprived brain can cope I know you will love it. Have you got a group gift coming up? Take a look see at Group together, I know you will love it. 


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