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2017 is my year ( you can read about that here) and part of being my year I decided I was going to up my skincare game.

Im in my early thirties now (yes early) and since having babies my skin is tired, more dry and I suffer from pigmentation that came along with each pregnancy (thanks kiddies). I know I cant wind back the clock and convince my twenty year old self that vodka is not my best friend and that anti ageing products should be my friend so Ill work with what I've got now. I'm aiming to up my anti-ageing and suncare and lessen the pigmentation and scarring .

To work on the pigmentation and early signs of ageing I am using a few products that basically give my skin a mini peel. These products are fantastic to brighten skin but make your skin super sensitive to the sun so you absolutely must use a sun cream daily (unless you love sunspots and a permanent dark mo shadow). My fav are the Swipeys by Go to Skincare (the fabulous Zoe Fosters skincare range) and Liquid Gold by Alpha H. Alternating the products. Overuse of these can cause your skin to become super sensitive and cause redness

To combat premature ageing I am using the Olay regenerist range, I absolutely love the daycream and night cream. They are so nourishing and leave my skin feeling supple. I am also wearing a suncream daily, my favorite so far is this Mecca one.

So my daily routine goes a little something like this
Morning Cleanse - Mario Badesco Enzyme Cleansing Gel
Moisturise - Olay Regenerest Micro Sculpting Cream 
Sun cream - Mecca To save face 30+

Night Cleanse - Olay Regenerest Thermal Peel or Mario Badesco Enzyme Cleansing Gel
Alternate nights Serums - Alpha H Liquid Gold or Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence 
Moisturiser - Olay Regenerest Micro Sculpting Night cream

Ill likely tweak it but for now my skin is glowing and the pigmentation is fading. Im on the hunt for a awesome serum to alternate... something really hydrating and plumping... any recommendations totally welcome xxx

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