2017 - The year I find myself again

I'm not lost, although I cant read a map to save my life, no I need to find some of the old me and re-invent the new me. You see for the last 3 years I have been pregnant, a new mum, pregnant again and a new wife too. I've loved becoming a Mummy and wifey and I cherish my family but somewhere along the way I stopped taking care of me, I stopped nourishing my soul and doing the things I loved. I was busy, I was fighting post natal depression and I was trying to find my feet as a wife and mummy, I put all my focus and energy into my new roles and lost my sparkle. 

I told myself when I woke on January first (because lets face it I was in bed by 9) that this was my year, my year to get my weight down, my skin back in top shape, and my style back, to get my mental health under control and to make my soul happy and nourished. 

I have been reading Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster and using all the hot tips to get a skin care routine happening. After two pregnancies my skin was dull, tired and covered in pigmentation. I have spoiled myself with new products and I have a great combination going at the moment, Ill share it on the blog very soon

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I have started the 12WBT program again and I am loving the structure, The program makes shopping for healthy meals a breeze, plans out my days and meals and exercise and I feel like it will help me get back on track again and I am feeding my family nutritious food so win win. 

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I have started the 30 days of self love ebook by Angela Simpson and I am loving it. I haven't done a task a  day as I have a newborn and lest face it I get very little me time, but I am absolutely trying to be more mindful and loving to myself. I am trying to jolt that inner voice into positive central and kick the negativity for good. 

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So that's the first few steps on this journey to figure out my happiness and find some of the old me and embrace the new me. xxx

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